The Rump & His Minion call for More Rope!

The current President of the United States, the man who lost the national popular vote, continues to believe that he can run his life as if he’s the only person to whom he’s accountable.  He seems to be on the verge of getting some lessons in politics and, hopefully, humility (one can only hope, I know, I know).  One can only hope he has the modicum of intelligence to read the all-too-obvious signs…

I was gladdened and inspired by Hillary’s commencement speech at my alma mater (which happens to be hers, as well).  The (somewhat new) college president, Paula Johnson, gave those assembled (as well as those who, like I, watched online) a great introduction to this accomplished and (I’ll say it again) inspiring woman who has spent her entire life pursuing the public good.  It’s really a shame – a damn shame – that such a qualified (the most qualified ever – perhaps even overqualified?) person should have been robbed of her place in history by a no-nothing, to whom I refer to as The Rump, for he is, at best, an ass, if not merely the orifice it contains.

As the Rump continues to contradict his handlers (to his own detriment – or so I hope), The Rump seems to be begging for more rope.  I can only hope that such an execution will occur sooner.  The only (only!) negative outcome of the removal of The Rump from the Oval Office will be that an anti-choice self-proclaimed god-fearing (and therefore know-nothing) Minion will assume the power of the highest political office in this country.  Fortunately, the Democrats are starting to find their wits, at least enough to stand cohesively against the Repugnican-backed proposed federal budget.  I’m waiting for the government shutdown.  Let those who voted for The Rump and his Minion suffer from their own foolishness, for many of them were fooled by his “charm” and “success.” They were conned to believe that he would do anything that benefits anyone but himself.  Fools.  I don’t even know if I can find very much sympathy for these deluded souls who were used by a con man to obtain his own ends.  It’s not as if his winning will rub off on them and turn them into winners.  In his zero sum game mentality, he can only win when others necessarily lose.  He must take from others to feel that he has anything of worth.  He must rob others to enrich himself, as evidenced by his business actions with too many contractors who worked for him and then were left unpaid.

The Rump doesn’t even have a sense of self.  He can only see his reflection in the popular media.  He foolishly believes he can pick and choose his reality.  When he was a television personality, he was able to do so, pretty much with impunity, since that of which he was in charge was, in reality, something quite trivial.  Who really gives a flying fuck what he thinks or feels?  Apparently, there are some.

Who is the more foolish:  The Fool or the Fool Who Follows?



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