I’m making a tri-color gnocchi dish.  I’ve got all the gnocchi in the freezer.  I made the beet gnocchi first, then the butternut squash, and, finally, today, just plain potato gnocchi.  I will prepare a browned butter with sage sauce to accompany them for dinner tomorrow evening.  The potato gnocchi have fresh rosemary mixed into them, whereas the beet and butternut squash gnocchi each have ricotta and Parmesan.  This should be good.

In other news, however, I’ve been at times worried on a personal level and at other times worried on an existential level, mostly relating to the politics of today.  The Rump is trying to get his Supreme Court nominee confirmed, and I’ve been telling both of my senators to filibuster the nomination and to call for a delay in all presidential appointments until a full investigation into The Rump’s relationship with He who must not be named (Ras-) has been completed.  NO APPOINTEES, NO ACTIONS until there is a FULL INVESTIGATION.