Two Weeks With No Classes

The final course in the Revit series had started without me, so I’m waiting for the next session to take it.  That leaves me with two weeks to practice what I’ve already, hopefully, learned in the software package.  This is my second week since the third course ended.  The fourth and last course becomes available on 10 March, so I’ve got another week (actually, two, since today’s Monday and the course will begin on the Tuesday following the 10th).

I’ve found a new bread recipe that I’m quite fond of.  It’s a potato bread that is heavily scented with rosemary and garlic.  Because I don’t have fresh rosemary at the moment, I’ve been substituting dried, with acceptable results.  I always add a bit more of the flavorings than called for, since I like pungency in foods as much as I appreciate subtlety in visual art.  I think it’s because my own taste buds are growing ever less sensitive, and I therefore need more pungent flavors that my tongue can detect.

The potato bread actually starts with what is called a biga, which is a small amount of dough that is made the day before the bread, in order to provide more flavor.  I’ve got a biga in the fridge right now.  It’s about a week old at this point, so I expect it to impart some good, mature flavor to the next potato bread I make, which will be in a day or two, as soon as we finish the loaf of challah I made yesterday.

I bought some dried cherries and dried blueberries for use in oatmeal as well as fruit bars, which I endeavor to make again.  I’ve learned that the baking time need not be very long, just long enough to set the fruit into a cohesive mass.  I want to try to recreate the fruit bars that were introduced to me last year, in which the primary ingredient is dates.  The other ingredients were simple, such as other ground fruits and crushed nuts.

I believe K wants oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow, which is fine.  I’m assuming at this point that she will want me to ferry her to school in the morning, especially if it is once again raining heavily as it was today.  Then I will jump on the bus 31 to UTC, and, from there, either the 202 traveling west up Nobel, or the 30, 150, or 41 to the La Jolla Village Drive entrance to the UCSD campus, from which I’ll walk up the hill to Peter’s.

I will take Peter to the airport, then go to Fashion Valley to help get some accounting paperwork completed.  From there, I’ll travel up to Harvest International Market on Balboa, where I will buy dates, and perhaps a couple other fresh fruits or vegetables, although we’re expecting another share next Tuesday and therefore I don’t want to fill the fridge already so that our share can fit.  I will learn on Thursday what our share will contain, and see if there’s any customization desired.

Tomorrow, there is a possibility that I may miss the noontime gathering at Senator Feinstein’s, though I’d still make it to the afternoon meeting at Senator Harris’s San Diego office.  I don’t remember what this week’s topic is, so I will learn when I arrive.  I should be able to make it on time, since the morning’s errands ought not run too late.  After leaving Senator Harris’s, I’ll come home, heat up leftover carrot soup and roast Brussels sprouts for dinner.  I know K is not a fan of Brussels sprouts, but I like them roasted, heavily flavored with roasted garlic and salted.  Then it’ll be time to prepare for bed.

Wednesday will be spent learning (or at least trying to learn) some of the more subtle operations in Revit.






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