What Concerns the Little Man

I don’t know why he was ever called “President Elect,” because he wasn’t elected by a majority of citizens of these United States of America. Donald J Trump (or, as I prefer to refer to him, “The Rump”) is a spoiled adolescent who never grew up. As Jon Stewart has said, The Rump is a Man-baby, with the visage of a man and the temperament (and hands) of a baby…

The fact that this little man still hasn’t gotten over a decades-old public slight speaks volumes (or, in his case, a few words making up a disjointed sentence). His reliance on using Twitter as a “get even” tool is nothing if not childishly immature. What the man lacks could fill volumes, but the most immediate things that come to mind are the qualities which he professes to have, and clearly does not. He claims to be a great intellect, and yet refuses to listen to scientists in the most pigheaded, head-in-the-sand fashion. His lack of curiosity makes his world a narrow one. He surrounds himself with fantasy Barbie-doll lookalikes, believing that others will look up to him and even envy him his trophy wife (the most recent of many – I’ve lost count). When the new First Lady complains that she will not move into the White House because it’s not as fancy as their New York flat, it says something about both the state of her mind, its lack of creativity, and the relationship between the newly-appointed First Couple. Of course, The Rump will miss his arm candy enough to order her to come down to DC occasionally in order to serve him and dance for any foreign dignitaries he entertains. That is, if any foreign dignitaries should choose to come to the White House during his tenancy, which, hopefully, will be brief. Besides, he has his golf courses to return to…

I marched in solidarity with those who have promised not only to oppose The Rump, but all that the fascist, sexist, ignorant regime that is the Repugnican Congress. They will have two years (until the next Congressional election) to convince their constituents that they are a party of action, of change, rather than a party of obstruction, a role which they had played with relish over the past eight years.  We’ll see if there’s anything that they will pass that will both feed their own egos and satisfy their constituency.

Listening to Elizabeth Warren speak at the Women’s March brought forth a renewed faith in humanity in me. It is a humanity that refuses to be cowed, a humanity that will fight for the rights of all and not just those who have already succeeded. Hers is a voice of compassion and passion, a voice who calls us forward to become engaged, to activate our civic selves, to fight as if for our lives, for it is our very lives for which we must wage battle.


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