The Time Ahead

A grey day greets San Diegans.  The sun appears shy and tentative.  A wintry breeze, inasmuch as one exists in SoCal, causes movement in the pines above as well as the narrow broad-leafed understory.  The radio news program speaks of the historical nature of the communist leader whose passing marks the end of an era.  His son has moved Cuba closer to the materialistic ideals of capitalism, much to the dismay of some of his followers.

The passing of Fidel Castro is being celebrated by many who left the island to settle on a low-lying finger of the nearest continent.  His passing is being called a good thing by one critic, who celebrates his death in light of his own potential personal financial gain.

The Rump, had, during the time of the Stalinist leader, attempted to further his own financial fortune on the island, and failed.  He will likely seek further enrichment of those fortunes at this time, being set free (or so he believes) to do as he wishes.  The Rump claims to have no conflict of interest in taking the most powerful political position in the Human-led World, but many of us know otherwise.  The Rump will utilize the office of President to enrich himself only.  He is, after all, a businessman first.  Anyone else who benefits shall do so as a mere consequence of the policies The Rump will champion to increase his own personal fortune.  It will be collateral damage paid for by the Citizens of these United States, but what will he care?  As long as he comes out ahead, he’s a happy fat child.


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