FEMALE: the Adjective Denoting Sex

I have tried to remain relatively (perhaps uncharacteristically) apolitical in my entries.  There seems to be more than sufficient vitriol on the Internet to satisfy just about any political attitude.  But here is mine, as if you really need to read (yet) another essay extolling the virtues of one candidate versus another, or at least the reasoning behind supporting one candidate versus the other.  I will say, in my own defence, that the position I have come to I reached after much thought, especially during the course of the lively debates that led this nation to come down to two (realistically speaking) Presidential candidates.  I will only discuss two candidates, for they are, for all intents and purposes, the only choices.  Any other voting decision just obviously indirectly supports one of them, and that would be the one who must be properly put into his place as a flash-in-the-pan rich-kid political wannabe.  The Rump is (I almost said “probably”) the most self-congratulatory, self-promoting egotistical megalomaniac to ever have reached the status of being a Major Party Candidate.

Drumpf’s opponent, admittedly, has a PR problem:  she’s a woman.  She’s also a policy wonk, and someone who was more comfortable with the footwork of improving democracy, from the door-to-door interviews in rural communities regarding childcare, to studying federal policies and practices to introduce, even if not successfully passing, a new approach to healthcare.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is, indeed, an introvert who must be elected.  For the sake of all people, especially the social and political outcasts who foolishly currently support The Rump.  Even though they do not support Rodham, she will be a Commander-in-Chief who serves the entire population, not just those who stroke her ego.

I am positive Hillary Rodham Clinton has an ego, but she is not egotistical.  I’m sure she felt infinitely more comfortable supporting Bill Clinton as First Lady, speaking to influence the world’s attitudes towards women and children.  As Secretary of State, she worked with other leaders, allowing them to insert their egos into policies that were necessary to pass.  One might call her manipulative for doing so, but I assert that in influencing world events, both as First Lady and as Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton was certainly not doing so for the sake of stroking any sense of self-importance, even as important a figure as she eventually became.

One might claim that I, who, like Hillary Rodham, graduated from an Ivy-League institution (the same one, as the case may be), am, somehow, inherently “fixed” to support her.  Believe me, I did quite a lot of “soul-searching” (as one may call it) in order to reach my conclusion that she is not only the best-prepared, but also the best-suited candidate for the job of leading this country into the next phase of history.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has a strong and positive heart, and she will bring these United States of America through the difficult time ahead.  We must deal with Climate Change, political instability in many geographical regions of the Earth, and continuing inequality within our own borders. Hillary Rodham will choose the best advisors to help her as she leads the way forward.

If the Repugnicans retain their Congressional majority, Hillary Rodham will face unprecedented obstruction by an obstinate, yet zealous (and I use that word knowingly) Congress who will be hell-bent on causing her at least as much grief as they caused the first African-American President.  It will be undoubtedly worse.  After the 2008 election, I vehemently told everyone who would listen, that this country is, indeed, still more sexist than it is racist.  At least President Obama was physically tall enough to meet the taller Repugnican obstructionists eye-to-eye.  Hillary is physically shorter, but her intellectual acumen is at least equal to any sitting Congressional Representative or Senator, and I dare say that she is the intellectual superior of the vast majority of them.

I am heartened that two women are competing to take Barbara Boxer’s seat in the United States Senate.  Boxer is retiring after  decades of service, and I believe she is due a good retirement.  However, I wouldn’t put her away prematurely, because if another issue for which she feels the need to return to the public sphere arises, I’ve no doubt she will.  In fact, I had harbored a fantasy during the VEEP-vetting process, that Hillary would tap Barbara to be her running mate.  What a killer combination that would have been!  A female United States President (the word “woman” is a noun, NOT a fucking adjective!) is long overdue.  It is time.