Three Down!

I completed my third AutoCAD class at CADTeacher/VBCI.  I was the last one out (the keyboard became unplugged from the computer for several minutes so until it was diagnosed and fixed, I was without a means of submitting my work), along with Lisa Mulvaney Gillespie, who stayed with us while I finished up.

AutoCAD 4 will be an online-only class, so I’ll see how well I can follow the videos, but I am (kind of) excited, nonetheless.  It begins 5 September, which is a Monday, and will run for two weeks, through the 19th.  I had really enjoyed the classroom setting, because I was able to get answers to questions immediately.  Taking the course online will mean submitting questions and waiting for answers, which will challenge my patience.

Last night, Peter and I had dinner with a very interesting and friendly man named Jason, who is a newer member of SDNA&A.  We went to what is rated the 10th best sushi restaurant in the United States, Sushi Tadokoro, on Old Town Avenue.  Located in an unassuming shopping center, Sushi Tadokoro is an intimate space serving well-prepared sushi along with wonderful sides and starters.  We all started with a bowl of miso soup, which Jason commented that he always does whenever he goes for sushi.  Peter enjoyed a serving of shrimp tempura and I, the seaweed salad.  I didn’t taste Peter’s shrimp, but it looked perfectly cooked, and he commented that the batter was lighter than typically served in Japanese restaurants.

The three of us walked back to the Old Town Transit Center, where Jason caught the trolley to return home (he lives to the south and east of Balboa Park, in Golden Hill).  Peter had driven us there, since the 150 stops running earlier than our departure time from the restaurant, so we rode back to mine.  Once there, I decided enough time had passed for our dinner to have started digesting enough to eat dessert.  I served us (and Kat) slices of the semifreddo, which was, as expected, creamy and delicious.  I love making dishes that come out well, and the semifreddo came out perfectly.  Five ingredients:  one can of sweetened condensed milk, one can of coconut milk, one cup of stiffly whipped heavy cream, lime zest, and a pinch of salt.  Next time, I will fold it more thoroughly to mix in the heavy cream more completely, as this semifreddo turned out more marbled than expected.

Peter commented this morning that we can make a point of returning to Sushi Tadokoro sometime by ourselves, and I added,”…  when we’re feeling flush.”  He agreed.  Not inexpensive, but sushi never is.  However, their prices were higher than other places I’ve been to.  Next time, I’ll order the uni (sea urchin) , which is my favorite.