The Law is NOT My Friend, But the Future Can Be

I’ve learned, the hard way, that being right doesn’t mean one will prevail in American jurisprudence.  I suppose the worst part is the money I actually paid to an attorney, which ended up being more than if I’d conceded the case from the beginning.  However, I was (foolishly, as it turned out) confident that the judge would see the correctness of my actions and decide in my favor.  No such luck.

Turns out that some judges, as the one sitting my case, are swayed by emotional arguments.  Therefore, the judge in my case neglected the legality of my actions, and judged the case according to the emotions (some might label near-hysteria) expressed by the opposing party.  Unfortunately, this took place in Virginia (and, as we all know, air fares between Virginia and California are not cheap, as are hotels), so I was dependent on an attorney who was described to me as a specialist in the field.  Apparently not special enough.

Perhaps this judge was already prejudiced against my case because of who my attorney was, or that I actually used an attorney instead of flying out there, staying at a hotel, and showing up myself.  I suppose, though, in the long run, at least the other party is just about out of my life and there is very little that needs to be done.  As we were instructed to say in college, after any final exam, “It’s over.”

There remains some financial obligations that will surface in the coming days and weeks, and I intend to use my legally-available time frame to complete such actions.

Yes, I am embittered by my experience with legal settings and the entirety of American jurisprudence, or, rather, the “justice” system as it exists in this country.  Well, I’m about to move my interests out of Virginia, anyway;  soon, all of my real concerns will have moved west of the Mississippi.

In my personal life, I am scheduled for an initial consultation with a surgeon in LA for potential elective outpatient surgery that offers to improve the quality of my life.  No, not cosmetic surgery in the classical sense.  Never mind that.  I would think that anyone who has ever followed anything I’ve written to know that my vanity does not reach that level of financial investment.  It’s not that i don’t give a rat’s ass about my outward appearance (though, for the most part, that is true), but that I’d rather feel better in my experience of life.  Yes, I’m already medicated to my eyeballs (not really), but this concerns something much more physical and less emotional, though of course, any physical characteristics of one’s body will affect one’s self-image.  If I decide to go head with it, it’ll cost more than the attorney’s fees that I just paid out.  But as an investment in myself, it seems a fairly low price to pay for improving my life in a rather intimate way.

In other news, I will be meeting with my DoR counselor, Jeffrey, on Wednesday to discuss my Individual Plan for Employment.  I will make my presentation to him of the recommendations of Jean-Louis, and my own feelings on pursuing future employment.  My proposal will consist of:

  1.  computer training in the software that has become the industry standard;
  2.  LEED training and study for the Green Associate exam;  and
  3. learning Mandarin.

If Jeffrey resists my desire to learn Mandarin, I will refer to the job posting that I’d sent him just after our first appointment, during which he suggested that I put off studying Mandarin until I start working, which will likely not come until at least next year.

In the long run, I’ll see what the Department is willing to pay for.  It behooves me to “shoot for the Moon” and gain as much training as possible, as soon as possible, to make myself the best job candidate I can be.  I’m nervous, for sure, at the prospect of going back into the job market and the working world, especially since I’ve been out for almost a decade, but working on real projects that improve the lives of real people will make the entire enterprise worthwhile.  The thing that I loved about practicing architecture was the human interaction and the satisfaction of making a real positive difference in someone’s life.  I really enjoy setting my mind to a program and inventing a solution.  I know I’ve done it before, and, with some practice, I can return to it.  Although I don’t believe in it, please feel free to wish me luck with this venture.


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