Getting (Re-)Started

I am trying out this new home for my rantings, ravings, mental meanderings, occasional recipes, and assorted rational thoughts (imagine that!).  I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting, as my life promises to become much busier in the coming days, weeks, and months.  I will, however, try to keep this page up to date as to my actions and address topics that I find interesting or meaningful.  So, rather than a regularly-attended weblog, this will likely be an occasionally updated page.  It will also contain some bits and pieces of my life as events unfold.

I will meet with Jean-Louis on Wednesday to discuss my Individual Plan for Employment, which Charlie drafted for me and I discussed with my counselor at the Department of Rehabilitation, Jeffrey.  Jeffrey, unlike the first counselor I was given, was actually actively engaged with me in the process of developing my Individual Plan for Employment.

The skinny, young, and, honestly, not altogether intelligent blonde who was initially assigned to me really assumed the job of throwing up as many obstacles in my way as possible, seemingly in order to stymie any progress.  She ended our meetings with “Well, we still don’t have a plan yet,”  even though, from the very beginning, I had brought in a draft that I’d made of potential programs for me to enroll into, with their dates, times, organizations, and prices.  When I went over my typewritten plan with Jeffrey, he took it seriously and was really quite helpful.

I’ve abandoned, for the time being, learning Mandarin as part of my IPE.  As a personal project, I still want to learn it well enough, at least verbally, to make basic requests and understand the answers.  Peter has offered to do this with me, and I may take him up on it, though when I tried this with someone else before, it didn’t go very well at all…  The problem is that I don’t have the time set aside, nor the discipline, at the present moment, to listen to and learn organized lessons (which I have yet to procure – more on this below).

But, alas, I will first try to obtain my LEED Green Associate credential.  Of course, I’d think that where the design begins would be based on context, as defined by a building’s orientation, geographical setting, and its physical proximity to other (existing or planned) structures.  While I love the artistic expression of “pure” architectural design, I don’t feel it necessary to be the “Designer (with the capital D).”  I’ll be happy enough helping to develop the plans, managing the work, and getting it completed and ready for occupation.

One of the things I realize is that even after starting the training process, it will be at least several months before I will have completed enough training to make me employable in an architect’s office.  Perhaps I will not seek work in an architectural firm, but, rather, in a construction company, because construction companies are the engines that make the buildings physical realities.

Perhaps after I start working, I’ll be able to actually use some of my earnings to purchase Mandarin lessons that I can download onto my phone and tablet so that I can access them from anywhere, since it’s more likely I will have one of those devices with me when I’m out rather than my laptop, which I tend to leave at home more often than not.  Yes, it’s a laptop and therefore portable, but it’s still several pounds and I’m not disciplined enough (yet) to run my backups frequently enough to avoid the fear for losing everything at the drop of a hat (or a backpack, in my case).

Welcome to my new home.